Caring for a child can be extremely difficult for many people. But put health complications on top of everything, and it becomes even harder. And luckily, many parents can handle it. But some cannot, leaving the children with no home or family to help care for them. Which was exactly the case for little Menghan.

When Menghan was born, the doctors found that she has a congenital biliary atresia, meaning the bile ducts become inflames and blocked, ultimately leading to liver failure.

Menghan’s parents were told about how expensive the treatment for the baby girl could be, but tried to give her the care she needed for 3 months. But after those 3 months were over, Menghan’s parents abandoned her. They said they would rather try for another child, instead of spending the money to treat Menghan.

The child was then taken to her grandparents by the hospital, in hopes they would be able to help the child.

They were disappointed in their son and daughter-in-law, who had decided enough was enough, and had completely given up on Menghan. The grandfather, Sun Sitao and his wife then decided they would take on the care for the child. They took her to the hospital for care, as she was not stable to be home.

So far, the baby has undergone 6 operations, and is only 8 months old. But her grandparents have been providing her with medical and emotional support. Even through the transplants that Menghan’s body had rejected.

Poor little Menghan had even been through an 11 hour operation, and has been in the ICU since, due to the severity of her condition.

Menghan’s grandparents have spent all their savings to help Menghan and give her everything she needs. They have even received donations from charity groups and other public organizations.

The doctors and volunteers have promised the family that they will do everything in their power to save Menghan, and so far, they have done quite the amazing job.

Menghan is still recovering from her last procedure, but as of right now, is doing very well, and will hopefully make a complete recovery!

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