CNN Tries To Humiliate TX Hero On Live TV, Backfires Big Time As He Utters 3 Blunt Words

Leftist networks are actively trying to use the recent horrors in Texas to push their political agenda. Unfortunately for CNN, they recently decided to pick on the hero that chased down the shooter and tried to humiliate the man on live television – but it would immediately backfire big time as the intended victim of their liberal bullying uttered just 3 blunt words.

It doesn’t take much to see how biased CNN is. Despite the fact that gun laws are currently in place that should have stopped the Texas shooter, they didn’t. Sadly, liberals have decided that the next course of action would be to put more legislation on guns in a way that would be completely ineffective in stopping crimes like this.

Hoping that the American people don’t realize their dirty tactics, they’re pushing harder than ever to demonize guns, gun owners, and now, apparently, heroes. As Mail Online reports, two people were critical in stopping Devin Kelley after he viciously executed 26 innocent people at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

First, there was Stephen Willeford who confronted the shooter as he was leaving the church and even reportedly shot the man. However, when Kelley fled the scene, Willeford knew that he needed to take chase, but there was just one problem – he didn’t have a car nearby.

Fortunately, Johnnie Langendorff was in a vehicle close by, prompting Stephen Willeford to flag him down and hop in the passenger seat. Next, the two took part in a 95-mph high-speed car chase that lasted for about 15 minutes before Kelley lost control of his car, crashed, and took his own life.

Of course, both men are being hailed as heroes with Langendorff taking part in several news interviews already. However, one of his most recent interviews took an odd turn as the reporter for CNN tried to humiliate the man on live television.

As can be heard in the clip, the digs started out small as the reporter asked, “What was going through your head?” referring to the moment when Willeford flagged him down and told him to chase another car. Too bad for this leftist prick, his attempt to humiliate the hero was about to backfire big time as he got hit with the smoothest 3-word response of all time – and it’s completely perfect.

Seen in the video shared on The Daily Caller’s Facebook page, Langendorff simply replied by saying, “Nothing, get him.” Apparently not done there, the CNN interviewer demanded to know “why,” to which Langenhorff told him, “‘Cause that’s what you do. You chase the bad guy.”

The insistent reporter then tried to push things further by attempting to make the guy out to look like a reckless driver rather than the hero that most Americans know him to be.

“The chase was 12 to 15 minutes long going 95 miles per hour down these country roads,” the reporter continued. “What was going through your head as this was going on?” However, Langendorff was about to shoot the man down with just as much ease as the first time – but it would take him 4 words on the second go around.

“Uhh, not a lot,” he said before casually adding, “I like to drive.” So, this hero was driving down the road at 95 mph, chasing a guy who just mercilessly executed 26 people and probably still had a gun, and was cool as a cucumber, acting like he was out for a Sunday drive.

It really just doesn’t get any cooler than that. Even better yet, between Willeford shooting the man and Langenford’s expert driving, they were able to chase Kelley until he presumably lost consciousness from the gunshot wound in his gut before crashing, then killing himself. Fortunately for the rest of the world, we no longer have to share the same air with this evil monster.

It would behoove CNN to acknowledge heroism when it surfaces instead of trying to make heroes out to be self-destructive fools who put the lives of others in danger. After all, without these heroes, what would you have? A bunch of leftists running the other way as a registered Democrat guns them all down. I’d like to know the last time a liberal put their life in danger to save others. My guess is, you’d be hard-pressed to find an example nearly as selfless as what these two men did.

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