This Horse Sanctuary & Adoption Agency Rescues Older Horses From Slaughter

When horse lovers Allen and Cherina Bornscheuer found out that older horses often face a fate of being sent off to the slaughter house, they knew they had to do something about it. That’s when their Spring Hill, Florida ranch became Serenity Saviors, a rescue that also provides sanctuary to horses if they can’t find their forever homes. Watch a news clip on Serenity Saviors: Saving the lives of 120 horses within a year is…

"This Horse Sanctuary & Adoption Agency Rescues Older Horses From Slaughter"

This Tiny 3-Day-Old Horse Loves Chasing His Human

At just three days old, this tiny horse already has a mind of his own and loves to chase his human. It’s incredible that at such a young age, he already has a favorite person! Plus, his coordination and speed are pretty impressive for such a young baby. (Maybe he’ll even be a great runner some day…) Get ready for the most adorable chase you’ve ever seen:

"This Tiny 3-Day-Old Horse Loves Chasing His Human"

Young Mini Mistakes His Dog Friend’s Identity, Grooms Him Like A Horse!

This just might be the cutest case of mistaken identity you’ll ever see. A miniature horse foal appears to think this adorable pup is another mini horse who needs to be groomed! While the other horse ignores him, the baby is all about grooming the dog, who thoroughly enjoys it… so much so, he rolls over to get his underside scratched! No one would accuse this Staffie of being tough and mean – he’s a…

"Young Mini Mistakes His Dog Friend’s Identity, Grooms Him Like A Horse!"

Watch These Beautiful Horses Bring A Carousel To Life

The Black Pearl Friesian Dance Troupe is a non-profit riding group that brings together the beauty of Friesians, Friesian Sport Horses, and other Baroque breeds in breathtakingly beautiful performances. But this group doesn’t exist just for beauty’s sake. The non-profit has educational opportunities and rehabilitates injured or abandoned equines as ambassadors for their program. The group, hailing from Ridgefield, Washington, does several regional events a year, including the NW Horse Show and Expo, which I…

"Watch These Beautiful Horses Bring A Carousel To Life"

This Tiny Foal Might Be The Most Affectionate Horse Ever!

This playful baby horse approached Sunny Bayne (the woman in this video) with a warm hug that she was least expecting. Sunny was just “horsing around” when this little foal came near her. She went down on her knees, scratched the horse’s neck, and then this sweet embrace took place–and the moment is purely magical! Watch the sweet video below: Share this with your friends who love horses to brighten their day just like it…

"This Tiny Foal Might Be The Most Affectionate Horse Ever!"

Horse Napping On The Grass With His Human

In a 24-hour period, horses sleep approximately two hours. Much different than a human with a typical eight hour stretch, these beautiful creatures take most of their snoozes during the daytime. The woman on this video has been training her horse for years and has already established a strong connection. When she decided to take a nap on the grass after a whole day training, her horse immediately laid beside her. The horse must have…

"Horse Napping On The Grass With His Human"

Video Of Dozens Of Horses Doing What They Love–Running Free!!

Who would not love this video? This is absolutely breathtaking! Usually we see videos of horses that show them in a confined area, never running freely–just as they are intended to be. Dozens of horses run up and down the hills, and you see their manes flowing in the wind, the sun glistening against their shiny coats. I love the way the horses seem to be lost in their own world of happiness. Take a…

"Video Of Dozens Of Horses Doing What They Love–Running Free!!"

8 Fun Facts About Horses

We love horses for their beauty, personality and the way they make our world a better place. Think you know everything about horses? Well, did you know that a horse’s teeth take up more space inside their head than their brains–or that stallions have more teeth than mares? If you’d like to know more about these beautiful creatures, keep reading these fun facts about horses you may not have known. #1 – Horses’ favorite flavors are fenugreek,…

"8 Fun Facts About Horses"

What’s In A Spot: Appaloosa Coat Genetics

There is something about a splashy horse that people just love. It’s one of the reasons the Appaloosa breed has flourished since it was developed in North America. Horses of color have long been revered, but up until recently, getting a flashy foal was a matter of chance. Breeders would often breed their blanketed stallion expecting a carbon copy baby, only to be disappointed. Now, thanks to DNA mapping, researchers have given us some of…

"What’s In A Spot: Appaloosa Coat Genetics"