Blind Pony Re-Homed Together With Her Best Friend

Dottie and Scooter are two wonderful ponies who’s owner could not take care of, and that’s how they ended up at the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This two lovely animals have been best friends for a long time and their relationship has been amazing!

Dottie is a blind pony and has some difficulties because of that, but she doesn’t bother with her problem and can always count on Scooter when she needs some help. Clearly, this two should not be separated, because they depend on each other.

The OSPCA knew that Dottie and Scooter must be re-homed as a pair. Scooter has been Dottie’s biggest support and her loyal caretaker, and that’t what made everything to be easier for Dottie. Blind pony is not the best candidate when it comes to finding a new home, but having Scooter for an attendant has cleared the path for Dottie. They’ve been re-homed at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, in King City, Ontario.

Media director at Dog Tales, Clare Forndran, said that, Dottie and Scooter had a very touching story and that’s why they wanted to help them. They’ve been amazed by the strong bond of the ponies and how Sccoter navigated Dottie around their new home.

Clearly, Scooter has been Dottie’s eyes and light, and he is perfectly doing his job. He is always ear her and sometimes he goes to play around on his own. He’s Dottie’s guardian angel, don’t you agree? Thanks to him, Dottie can have a normal life.

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