Band Of Wild Horses Says Goodbye To Their Loving Member!

A touching story has been put in the video footage benateh this text. Though wild horses are considered to be strong and hard to get in touch with, believe us they are loving giants with a very sensitive nature. All horses are emotional,because that’s how they are, no matter what!

The lovely video footage below has been filmed by the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group volunteers in Scottsdale, Arizona. They named that wild horse Clydette and followed her passing.

Her life ended up after she gave birth of her baby. Though a professional team has tried to help her, she could not make it after she went into septic shock. Her foal got stuck and it has been very complicated, unbearable situation for the mare, sadly saying farewell to her.

Unfortunately, Clydette died and look how her band came to say goodbye to her. As they shared from the SRWHMG, when the rescuing team went away, her band approached her body and started to touch her body gently with their noses. They could hear loud crying coming from the lead stallion and the band of horses moved away, but stayed near their beloved member.

Clearly, this intelligent creatures know how to mourn death, and what may surprise you is that other bands heard the bad news and came to honor the death body. Amazing animals, don’t you agree?!

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