Antifa Attempts Chaos In Texas, Doesn’t Go As Planned When They See Who’s Waiting For Them

Hoping to cause chaos and a “revolution,” Antifa organized a protest in Texas, as well as twenty-one cities nationwide, in hopes of stopping President Donald Trump’s so-called regime. However, when they brought what they thought would be their mayhem to Texas, they got a bit more than they bargained for. In fact, when they saw who was waiting for their cry fest with a “special surprise,” the Antifa thugs quickly scurried away.

When riots broke out months ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, Antifa thugs were inspired to fabricate non-existent issues in our country while pointing fingers and placing blame on everyone who doesn’t agree with them. While preaching about hate and violence, they are in fact the ones making matters worse by causing mass destruction and division as they resort to violence.

Most recently, another round of Antifa rallies was organized in cities all across the country, including Austin, Texas, threatening to be a “revolution” with the potential to start a civil war. Footage of the protests have been posted to Twitter and is now going viral, showing active Antifa members hoping to occupy towns and take over.

However, it came as a huge surprise when their protests in Texas received unwanted guests who gave them the shock of their lives. Owen Shroyer from Infowars went out to the Austin, Texas, Antifa rally to cover the event in front of Austin City Hall, and what he captured is not what the leftist Antifa thugs wanted anyone to see.

“Refuse Fascism launched their big protest nationwide and that is to end the Trump-Pence regime. It was nationwide. They spent millions of dollars on this. They bought full page ads in The New York Times. Today rolls around and it’s a dud. Here in Austin you had about 30 Trump protesters. You had about 50 police officers protecting them. And then you had about 200 or more Trump supporters out here – waving flags, American flags, Gadsden flags. Talking to one another, having a good time, singing the National Anthem (while standing!).” [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

Not only was the protest a complete wash, the counter-protest, full of American flags waving, ended up outshining the Antifa protest. Their plan could not have backfired any more perfectly.

However, the beauty didn’t end there either. In fact, patriots started chanting “USA!” as more and more people arrived.

Unfortunately for the Antifa thugs, world domination was not in the cards for them this weekend. Just like that, proud Americans showed what our country is all about and where the vast majority stands, proving that we will not let it get taken over by pompous brats.

The flood of Trump supports waving their flags and chanting patriotic messages caused the Antifa whiners to run like cowards, as they were taught that Americans are sick and tired of the entitled thugs trying to shove their disgusting agendas down the throats of those who don’t take our country for granted.

Of course, everyone has the right to think and feel how they want, but you don’t need to disrespect your country along the way — and you don’t get to turn the freest country on earth into your communist utopia without meeting resistance from those who appreciate their rights and understand how important they are.

If they don’t like America, they need to leave, plain and simple, and if they are not willing to accept that, they are in for a lot more surprises like this one because patriots won’t let America fall without a fight — and we are in it to win it. If they didn’t learn that last November, maybe this November’s loss for the left in the form of their dud revolution will finally help it sink in.

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