AMAZING BOND – Family Saves Baby Wild Horse

A little foal named Jazz was born at the BLM facility in Delta on the 5th of October, 2011 and he didn’t have a chance to meet his mother, because she died after she gave the birth. The little orphan was lucky to be alive, because while his mother was in pain, Eric Reid a wild horse specialist and a manager of the facility, noticed Jazz’s mother right before living the facility. Jazz needed to…

"AMAZING BOND – Family Saves Baby Wild Horse"

When Sophie Met Darcy Day

On a Saturday morning a car stopped in the yard of a farm that was ran by a couple, which most of the time took care of horses. Many children were helping them most of the time and that’s how they met Sophie. Her mother asked Michael, the owner of the farm, to let Sophie help them on Saturday mornings. The parents were worried for their daughter because one day she just stopped talking. Now,…

"When Sophie Met Darcy Day"

Mini Foal Runs Wild… See How Many People He Dares To Catch Him!

Normally, foals stay stuck at mom’s side. More or less, often more than less. Especially in an unusual situation as a show arena! This one has – evidently – not read the Perfect Well-Mannered Foal Handbook! Regardless of Mom’s evident stress, he keeps running, bucking, turning and… slipping through everyone’s fingers, like a bar of soap in a bath. A lady will through herself in his way… not to avail. The arena is closed and…

"Mini Foal Runs Wild… See How Many People He Dares To Catch Him!"

The Hugging Horse

In the following video, we see a horse who has the most hysterical reaction to getting his neck rubbed by a new friend. You’ve probably seen what can happen when a dog gets a little “too friendly” with someone new, and this horse is just as smitten after a nice massage. Every time the man tries to sneak away from the horse, who is named Levi, he pulls him right back in with a hug.…

"The Hugging Horse"

Little Girl Shows Pony That She’s In Control

The young girl looked great on her pony while practicing before entering the ring. I herd that she was nervous for the show. They don’t normally use a crop on the pony but after being disqualified from every event so far because of refusals they decided to use one. The girl, pony and trainer giving her instructions throughout the video are not from my barn. I do not know them. And I no longer ride…

"Little Girl Shows Pony That She’s In Control"

Miniature Horse ‘Hola Hoop Free Jumping’

Crunch is a 6 year old miniature horse. Ive worked with him for a few years teaching him tricks and recently explored having him jumping through hoops like a circus pony! All the hola hoops are actual size and all my training methods are based on natural horsemanship, getting the horse to willingly want to work and participate in the activity which you wish to achieve. Hope you enjoy this video! ?

"Miniature Horse ‘Hola Hoop Free Jumping’"


For 36 years, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has been making dreams come true. Friday, that tradition continued for one little California girl. And it happened in Versailles. Tiana Holloway, 10, has her boots on for a reason. “I’m from Huntington Beach, California,” says Holloway. She’s battling a treatable, but incurable form of leukemia. “It’s not really fun, but it’s fine,” Holloway says. But Friday isn’t about that. It’s about what makes Tiana happy. “I like to…


Man Is Confused When Farmer Calls His Horse 4 Different Names. Farmer’s Response Is Pure Gold

A man is driving down a country road when he loses control of his car and ends up in a ditch. He gets out of the car and knocks on a farmhouse door for help. He explains his situation to the farmer. The farmer gets his horse and they walk to the crash scene. The farmer then uses rope to tie the horse to the car “Pull, Zoomer, pull” the farmer shouts, but the horse…

"Man Is Confused When Farmer Calls His Horse 4 Different Names. Farmer’s Response Is Pure Gold"

What Happens When a Girl Gets Her First Horse

This is Mallory at age 10 (now 13) when she received Cinder Ella now a 12 year old Haflinger mare. The owners of the barn were so impressed with how hard this girl works around the stables for them that they decided to give Cinder Ella to Mallory as her birthday gift. This is not her barn, it is owned by Ann and called Brookside Stables. Owning a horse is both expensive and requires a…

"What Happens When a Girl Gets Her First Horse"