12 Steps to Being a Happier Person

Many of us feel unhappy and disconnected on a daily basis. Sometimes even when we are doing our best, we get discouraged wondering why we are not a happier person. The truth is, we often overlook some of the easiest ways to turn our frown upside down – our every day habits. What we do on a consistent basis can make or break our happiness, no matter how good of a person we are.

Here are quick and simple tips (we often forget) that can add more happiness to our every day life.


1. Smile more and complain less.

2. Connect with people and friends.

3. Spend more time with supportive family.

4. Help others in need.

5. Be more optimistic about life and the way things will turn out.

6. Plan a trip or a vacation.

7. Learn to forgive.

8. Set new goals and achieve them.

9. Do yoga or meditation.

10. Get a pet – and interact with the pet.

11. Get some time off of work.

12. Do physical activity like walking or running.

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